My New Diaper Bag!

I saw this diaper bag on etsy and I fell in LOVE! It is exactly the type of diaper bag I wanted, one that didn't look like a diaper bag! I love the inside of it because it has a separator, and I can also put stuff in the separator like my wallet and cell phone so they are more secure! It was more than what we wanted to spend, but as my husband said, we will be using it for a long time and its exactly what I want. So Sweet! Plus, we are both sick of trying to find things in the bag we have now.  Anyways, go check out all of the cute bags she makes. And another little add on is she lives in Italy, which means I can say that I have a purse from Italy!!!! Never thought in a MILLION years that I would ever be able to say that! Tropical Black LillyTropical Black LillyTropical Black LillyTropical Black Lilly

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