Baby Shower

I was in charge of planning a baby shower and had so much fun planning it. The theme of the shower was "She's about to Pop!" So I tried to base everything around the word "pop." I had popcorn, soda pop, popsicles; for prizes: bumble gum, pop rocks, ring pops and did the invitation with a tootsie pop in the middle.     I found this idea off of My Insanity (I LOVE that blog) and  happy to get such great ideas from there.

I got the popcorn container and bags (placed underneath where I put the popcorn in for our guests) from the Dollar Store (love that place!)

I got these party favor boxes at the Dollar Store as well and just cut the design off of my Cricut. (Love my Cricut machine, it comes so handy for so many things!) I filled them with white chocolate covered popcorn.

I saw this idea online to use winter green mints and jelly beans but I used spice drops instead. I just used white frosting to connect the candy together.

This is the invite which you can't really see because I didn't want to give out all the personal info. So basically, I cut out little steering wheels, attached a piece of paper with the info with some ribbon, and stuck a tootsie POP in the middle to match the theme. Then on the invite I said "Steer on over...."

I wanted to make a diaper cake but those can be really expensive to make, so I saw online a little diaper motorcycle. I loved it and tried to make my own version. Just if wondering, the yellow bottle in the middle represents the headlight.

This is the banner I made for the shower and it was great as well for the Mom to be to take with her so she can put it up once the baby arrives!

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