Late at Posting!

Here are a couple of crafts I've done. The pens can is something that I did months ago but forgot to post it. As you can tell our pen holder was pretty ugly before(it was the holder for my silverware when I first came up to college). I really like how the one I made matches my magazine holder that I made previously. I made it by using an old formula can and some twine I got at DI. The basket I also got at DI for 50 cents and with the decorative balls many people use styrofoam balls but I didn't want to spend money on those because they are really expensive. So with the brilliant idea from my Mom I used newspaper and taped it together in the shape of a ball. Then I just used tissue paper to make the roses. I really like the outcome and love that I didn't spend barely anything to make these projects.


  1. Super cute! I've never thought of using newspaper rather than styrofoam...It's brilliant. I'm going to have to try it now!

    ...just Visiting from the weekend wrap up party.

  2. How wonderful! Thanks for posting this project, it turned out lovely and inexpensive!