Whole New Wall Look

So at my apartment we have this really long wall and didn't have anything up in the middle of it because there was nothing I had that I really liked to put there. I found these shutters and mirror at DI for .75cents, the mirror was $4, the picture frames were from Walmart and were only $3 each, and the canvas picture was free off of this website: http://www.canvaspeople.com/ They have this AMAZING deal going on right now. Thanks to this blog: http://thecreativecrate.blogspot.com/ I found out this great deal!

All I needed to do was spray paint the shutters and mirror. I don't have a before picture of the mirror, but it was blue. I love how it turned out and how the mirror looks like a window. I especially love not looking at a bare wall anymore!


  1. It look! great. I love the black and white photos.

  2. that is super pimp. nice work girl. I really think that looks great, and sweet deal on the canvas, i might have to check that out.

    way beautiful and very posh!

  3. I love this! I am struggling with a few walls in my house. Thanks for the idea!