My Next Steal At DI-Love Love Love That Place!

So first of all I want to say that I was so excited for my first comment!! Yay! Hopefully I can put my blog out there more and get more readers!

So for this project I was just randomly looking at DI and was looking in the "wood" section they always have. And I think that even though I wasn't looking for something specific I was in one of those "moods" where you just really want to find a good steal. Well behind all of the wood I found this green boat. Now I have seen these kind of boats before but they are ALWAYS SO expensive! I was so happy to see that the price of the boat was only $8!! Yup that's right, ONLY $8! Anyways, I loved it and knew that my husband and I could redo it and make it look awesome. It came with 2 kind of shelves (just pieces of wood, but wasn't attached). So I cleaned the boat up, we glued the shelves on the boat spray painted it blue and then I thought that it would look so much better if we put a strip of white right down the middle. We both LOVED how it turned out and the whole thing cost maybe a total of $10 (cuz you can find spray paint at Walmart for like only 97cents. So then the real question was what we were going to use it for, we knew that we wanted to put it in our new baby boys room, and then my husband had a great idea! Use it to hold/store diapers!!! Our cute cute Diaper Holder for our little nursery! LOVE IT!

And this is how it looks hanging up on the wall with diapers!


  1. well, that is just so darn cute! Don't you just love a bargain!
    Hey! Thanks so much for putting me on your blog list! That makes me smile!