Free? Heck Ya!

A woman didn't want this basinett anymore and was willing to give it to me for free because there were a few dents in it; as you can see in the picture below. My husband and I looked at that like no problem, and my husband glued some wood in the inside to make the dent pop back out. I went to DI with my Mom and she found some sheets for only $2 and it was the exact kind of material I wanted! (I had looked at many fabric stores and couldn't find anything I liked) I guess it ended up being a good thing I couldn't find any material I liked because this way was way cheaper! With the help of my Mom I was able to redo the inside and add a skirt to the bottom, which I wanted to cover up because it wasn't the best looking thing. We were so excited how it turned out for the new addition to our family!

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